IPsec setup???

  • Here is what i need….and i wanna know can i make this with pfsense...

        l          l
      ISP1      ISP2


    WinXPpro(multiple users not in LAN, each user have it's own ADSL line...)

    I neet VPN IPsec connection from each user to my lan network...thats simple but is ther way to use Load balancing and failover for this XP users that connect to my LAN over pfSense ???

    if one ISP connection is out can those XPusers connect to another without seeing that connection is out ??? so i want everything to be automatic...and for load balancing is there a way to redirect from ISP1 to ISP2 XPusers that are connecting over VPN IPsec....

  • that can't be done by pfsense or freebsd

  • i believe you could do this with openbsd 3.9/4.0. they have utilities for ipsec failover, i'm sure they'll work they're way into pfSense either through a bounty or in a couple releases.

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