Custom error page error on squidguard with https

  • Hi,
    Currently, I've got a pfsense 1.2.2 with squid and quidguard packages.
    Everything is ok, websites like porn are blocked with a custom error page.
    My problem is for https page for blocked domains.
    ie. is blocked and the custom message is well displayed.
    But for, I've got a different message displayed by the browser.
    URL cannot be loaded when trying to load URL: http:443

    It seems that the ssl protocol remove the website addess. I can't find where is the problem.
    Is it squid ? Is it the redirect error message of squidguard ? And how to fix it.

    Thks for help.

  • Hi, i have same problem with this https thing. I want to block https except legitimate sites. Do you happen to solve this one already? Can you share how you solve it please. thanks


  • me to having the same problem.

    I am using 1.2.3

  • Pls Look demo info Here:

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