Request - add spamd (and tftp proxy for that matter) to embedded

  • Hello.

    As I run on wrap and soekris boxes (embedded) I would like to see spamd added to 'embedded' for some payback to these #$@&%#@ spammers.

    Basically, hold the info/table in memory and allow it to be backed up using the normal backup/restore for flash upgrades/physical changes etc.  especially as the embedded is now 128MB+

    Lot's of VOIP phones go out to the internet on port 69 (tftp UDP) and download some software, except, most tft servers respond on other ports e.g. 55000 range and because the port has changed, the stateful firewall blocks it, and the phone is then non-operative…ouch.


  • Sorry, this is not going to happen.  Embedded is provided as a convenience only.

  • So I might as well go to a micro-drive and the full version then.

    Are the instructions foe the Soekris 4801 pretty much the same as  ?

  • The soekris is even easier to setup as it simply works with enabled keyboard and video and you don't have to swap kernels (though it doesn't have these components, the bios works around it pretty well). Just install pfsense from cdrom to your media in a system that supports booting from cdrom. Leave the nics assigned as sis and move the media to the soekris after the install has finished. You should be able to access the gui right away after booting up form the default lan interface. Enabling serial console at system>advanced is recommended. We installed a 2,5" hdd in my notebook this way and mounted it to bills soekris 4801 during the hackathon.

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