Site-to-site to openwrt

  • Hello. I am trying to get a working site-to-site vpn setup and I am running into some problems getting it to work. Let me start off with i have googled and searched the forums and i do not see an answer to my problem. I did find two very good articles which have helped me get me as far as i have gotten.,12888.0.html

    So this is my setup –--> (pfsence) 74.109.X.Y (Static ip) ---> internet ----> dynamic ip (wrt54g running tomato firmware with openvpn installed) ----->

    My goal is for any client on both subnets to see eachother.

    I have attached screen shots to show my current config.

    The tunnel seems to be coming up as i get no errors on either end of the connection. But i can not ping across it or ping any of the gateways ( or I assume i am missing a firewall or routing statement but i am not sure where or what to put.

    can anyone provide some help and guidance what i am missing to make this work?

  • Here is the additonal screen captures.

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