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  • I think for most people everything was running great in snort until the updates that came out a week or so ago.  At that point the messages in this forum started going way up in snort problems.
      I would be guessing that nothing changed in our snorts, but did some rule changes that broke our installs.
      Sad part is that we only have 1 guru of snort, Jamesdean.  When he is busy, we are lost….

    Honestly for me, what keeps me using pfsense, is proxy and intrusion detection.  If not, I would switch to another system (maybe)....    Right now squid/squidguard here is always iffy, but snort has been mostly rock solid.

    So is there any way us small users can help you out james?  I wish I could send you free time, but I am lacking that also.  Small donation of something?  Any hardware for testing you may need?

  • Thanx tester.

    I had to leave for a while so I could work on paid projects.

    I'll setup a paypal account so you guys can help me pay for my beer.

    I like to build a vmware server so I can test all 4 versions of pfsense (pfsense 1.2.3 x86, pfsense 1.2.3 x64, pfsense 2.0 x86, pfsense 2.0 x64) for snort at the same time.
    That way I wont have to reinstall pfsens on my Alix3D every time there is a issue.

    Wish list.

    Intel Core i7-920

    EVGA E758-A1 Intel Motherboard


  • Yes, please put up a paypal. 
    I was hoping for some lower end hardware wishlist :)  All I've got is low end spare parts like an Athlon II.

    I am hoping that people reading this will understand that we can all help in our own way.  While Jamesdean helps programming, maybe we can all help with a little bit of $$.  Even small home users such as me can and should poney up some $$ to help out.  I know every couple of months I try to make a point of it.

    I love opensouce, but sometimes people forget that there are real people behind the scene.

  • Dont stress its called a wish list for a reason.

    Paypal button is now at the Snort Faq.


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