LAN and PPPoE over 1 ethernet port

  • The student complex I'm living in, has a large LAN, which is used for both internet acces (PPPoE dial-up), and a lot of (file)servers owned by students like me. As you can understand, I want to be able to acces averything. The only problem is I don't know how to set this up in my router.
    All the traffic for has to be routed over the local LAN, and the rest of the traffic over the PPPoE interface. My main problem is that both connections should be routed over the same physical interface.
    How should I setup my router? Thanks in advance!

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    You might be able to fake it out by adding two VLAN interfaces and using PPPoE on one and static IP on the other, but that may or may not work.

    There are some threads in the forum about accessing a DSL modem while also using PPPoE on the same interface, those may help also.

  • Thanks for your reply. After a couple of hours of fiddling with the settings, two liters of Cola, and a lot of cursing, I gave up. I attached a switch to the network outlet in my room, and plugged two ethernetcables in my pfSense router. I'm using one for the PPPoE dial-up, and one for the local LAN.
    Maybe I'll try again in a few weeks, I've had enough for now :P

  • Set up an alias on the WAN interface. It will serve your purposes, although the aliased interface won't show up in the GUI, and it makes it a little trickier to create rules for it.

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