Upgrading worries

  • I have been putting off upgrading for some time now I currently have

    built on Sun Feb 24 17:13:15 EST 2008

    It has been running flawlessly since then

    The question I'm asking would be is it as easy as downloading the pfSense-Full-Update-1.2.3-RELEASE.gz and upgrading via the web interface?

    Has anyone upgraded from my old version to the latest?

    Could someone put my mind at rest. I have backed up my configuration but short of taking out the hard drive and cloning it that's all I can do isnt it. That would of course mean my boss noticing the internet down time and that's not good chaps.



  • It is my recommendation to upgrade from the web interface.
    Why wait so long to upgrade? It may be running flawless, but is it more secure than the latest stable build?

    Just backup your config. If the worse case happens, you can just reinstall and use your backed up config.
    There is no sense in imaging the HDD, unless you want existing cache files intact.

    I promise you that all will go fine. If not you can come back to this topic and yell at me. :)

  • Ok tommy yes it has been some time. I may as well bite the bullet and have a go.

    Is it really just a case of upload the package from web admin and click the button? Hopefully what lies on the other side of this operation is a fully functional pfsense otherwise my balls will be in a sling  :D.

  • Ok I have just bitten the bullet and installed the latest upgrade.

    As tommy said the update just happened the system re-booted and voila an up to date pfsense. All rule sets in tact everything as it should be.

    Great stuff people not to mention I now have access to a reactive snort package which seems to be working very well. I really am as happy as a pig in sh"! (pun intended)  ;D

    If someone is using snort could they tell me if adding just my trusted wan ip's to the white list will restrict vpn access to just those ip's.

    I couldn't find a way to do it from the pptp page (see my post in the pptp list).



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