Help with understanding PfSense

  • Hi to all

    I have recently heard about PfSense firewall, and I have some questions if you can help me !?

    How to set up a firewall behind a router that is holding PPPoE connection? I can't use DHCP option and I don’t fully understand STATIC option, is that an option for static IP from provider published on the internet or is it my internal static IP ? And how do I set up my static IP on the LAN card ?

    What I want to do, if that can help even more, is to hold PPPoE on the router and forward some ports throe the router to the firewall and let the firewall decide what to do with each port and where to rout on the LAN network !

    So please if you can help a bit !

  • OK I found out how to setup my LAN adapter, but still I am not sure how to set up a firewall behind a router holding connection so my Pfsense can hold a static IP address on the WAN interface ?

  • I would like to set up this scenario

  • I did it, once again thanks for your help, this is a forum where no questions are answered and everyone knows everything, why do you need this forum anyway !?

  • IMO everyone helping out a lot on a forum will after a while start ignoring the threads where the asked questions are selfexplaining (aka. read the description in the GUI) or explained in the howto's.

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