Does PFSense support content filtering?

  • I am doing a transition from ClarkConnec to Pfsense, and I know in Clark Connect it had a content filtering option. Basically it graded the pages, and based on the score it would block it or not. Another cool feature it had was always forcing the "safe search" to be enabled in google.

    I wanted to see if this has/can be setup with Pfsense?

    If it could be done, are there any guides out there to do it?

  • There is no such feature yet. This could be handled by a package for example as extension for the already existing squidpackage for example.

  • you could use the squid package on pfSense to do transparent http proxying and then forward all the http requests to a content filter such as dansguardian ( If it is especially needed you could try posting a bounty on the forums and someone might create the package for pfSense. It would be a great way to help out the project.

  • The current squid version p8 supports rudimentary blacklisting and whitelisting.

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