Memory usage increase with RC3??

  • I just upgraded to RC3 from RC2 and noticed that the memory usage as reported by the System Overview page in the webgui is now a good bit higher than before.

    With RC2 it would top out at about 40% and now it won't go below 53% and seems to sit between 55 and 60%.
    This is with nothing going on right now so I worry about when multiple things start using the internet.

    I have a P2 333 with 192 of RAM running here and am seeing this with only one computer on.  I have 1 workstation that is almost always tunneled over a vpn, 2 voip adapters and a handful of other computers that access the internet occasionally.

    Nothing has really changed so I am wondering why the large increase in usage.

    Anyone else notice this when going from RC2 to RC3?

  • Clean install RC3?? I'm running RC3 on a 166mhz box with 128mb ram. Ram usage is 40%.

  • RC-3f here, on a P3 @400Mhz. Haven't seen memory change since power up.

    CPU usage: 3%
    Memory usage: 38%
    SWAP usage: 0%
    Disk usage: 1%
    Uptime: 1 day, 06:10
    State table: 423/10000

    Running two full T-1 lines + LAN (three Ethernet adapters), with ~1500 states on peak hours during the day.

    We cut over to pfSense  yesterday :)


  • on rc2i they chaned the ramdisk to 40mb and add the option to let it grow when more things are turned on
    so if you go from rc2 to rc3f then you see more ram use
    if you go from rc2g to rc3f you see no diferense

  • thanks jeroen234
    I'll bet that is what I am seeing.

    I upgraded from RC2 to RC3 using the full upgrade and I had done the same for RC2.

    I have an optional interface running, traffic shaping, and a separate package (ntop) running.
    I'm betting this is just using the extra memory.  It stays around 60% so I'm not worried.

    thanks for the input

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