Multi-WAN routing problem

  • Hi all,

    I've just done building up a multi-wan environment based on Pfsense entirely. But the problem now is that clients that fall on the LAN network are having troubles with getting incoming connections (e.g. utorrent). I've also attached a simple scratch of how my network layout look at the moment.

    The question is this, is it possible to let both the PPPoE routers to directly handover the traffic to the load balancer and let the load balancer do all the NAT ?

    Thanks :)

    edit: the routers are running on VMware ESXi4 hence the virtual switch there.

  • in another problem.. what should I set in the NAT settings so that the routers would pass all traffic towards the LoadBalancer?

  • I think that it's all the same problem:,21991.0.html

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