Multi Lan Firewall Problem

  • Hi

    I have been using PFsense in dual wan format for about a year now.
    Forcing different users and servers out a certain wan etc with no issues.

    We just recently installed a Mitel telephone system and have a teleworker server running (this allows remote sites to connect and use the system)

    I have made the teleworker and the mitel system use WAN2 only, however I have an odd problem occuring where it is using WAN to initiate the OUTGOING connection.

    Please view the PDF I made and I will provide any more information needed.

  • According to your pdf, WAN2 is According to your post, you want Teleworker server to use outbound WAN2 only, however in the pdf, first rule, first graphic, you have the Teleworker using "TelstraOnly" gateway, not Shouldn't you change your gateway in the first rule to "" if that is WAN2?

  • That TelstraOnly was a test, sorry I should have changed it back before I made the screenshots.

    I made a loadbalancer with just Telstra(WAN2) in it (as I read somewhere else this might help)

    I wish that was the problem, I really wish it was obvious to someone why this is happening…

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