• Hi Everyone,

    I really would like to know if this is possible with pfsense.

    I have 3 Nic
      rl0 = Wan
      rl1 = OPT1

    in the rl1=0pt1 I have a switch then connected to a web server which host my school  intranet having the ip

    What i Need to do is to have host on nfe0 connect to the local webserver. For example users can type in their browser then they can see the intranet web page.

    is this possible?

    Please Help

  • That's possible. Your web server on as well as the licent machines on the LAN will have to know their correct gateway (unless you plan to run internal NAT), and you will have to create a firewall rule on the LAN interface allowing traffic to the web server.

  • thank for the answer.

    Can you please give me futher explatnation? Appreciate very much


  • If you are running the dhcp server on LAN and OPT1, then all your dhcp clients will get their gateway automatically. That takes care of the routing question.

    Then in the firewall, you need to make sure you have a pass rule on each interface to allow traffic to the other subnet, or at least to the hosts and ports that you will need access to. By default, there is a rule on the LAN that passes all traffic from the LAN subnet. You could make a new rule based on this rule (using the plus sign to the right of it), and change Interface:LAN to Interface:OPT1, and Source:LAN subnet to Source:OPT1 subnet.

    Save and apply changes. You should be good to go.

  • Thanks for the promot replay.
    But I'm still having problems.

    I didn't explain that host are accessing the internet internet through the rl0-(WAN IP: and gateway I notice that when I try a tracert i get routed to to the Internet) from lan.

    I can ping which is my OPt1 which i know is working.

    I am trying to set something like DMZ.

    Thanks. Please help

  • Please attach a screenshot of your Status:Interfaces page.

  • Here is the screen shoot

    Thanks for your relply!

  • Your subnet mask on OPT1 is wrong. It needs to be at most /29, probably /24, to be able to route to

  • Thanks I got it working!

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