Extreme poor performance

  • I noted that with the last snaps the wan-performance is extremely poor. Doing a speedtest (downloading a 1GB-file directly from my ISPs server) noted that max DL is nearby 900k/sec. Due to the fact that I have a 100MBit-line this is not so great.

    After a reboot the speed is as usual (between 70 and 100M/sec), but after 10 or 15 min of use the speed falls down again to the 900k/sec. Logs show nothing.

    It seems to be (to my opinion) that poor performace is going with the frequent crashes reported here (http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,23119.0.html). When the crashes went away some days ago, speed was great, but now i have again lots of crashes and speed is poor. Is there anything I can do to provide more info? I'm a bit lost with this.

    Is there anybody outside experiencing something similar?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No such problems here, but have you checked the usual things: See interface errors anywhere? Tried disabling checksum offloading? anything unusual in the logs?

  • As i said, there is nothing in the logs. Tried with checksum offloading on/off without any change.
    No interface errors too.


    When a download begins, on dashboard Gateways wan shows "gathering data", RRD-graphs Quality shows packet-loss and then nothing more.
    Apinger doesn't show up in the log. Log is comletely quiet. No entry apart from the "normal" entries. Absolutely nothing.
    First download of a 1GB-file begins with 8,5M/sec, slowing down to at last 5 M/sec. When starting the same file directly after, it begins with 1,5M/sec, slowing down rapidly to a nothing of 56k/sec. RRD (Quality) is empty. Say, no info is added.

  • What do nic stats show?  Have you tried replacing the NIC (preferably with nic using different driver?)

  • Its a Dell 1750, no chance to change nic. It was good some days before, changed with the snap from 07. I had to update because of the PPPOE-problem. Don't know if there was a change in the driver. I don't think so. Its a broadcom (bge) driver.

    How can i see the nic stats?

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