Can pfSense bridge PPPoE WAN with LAN but authenticate?

  • Hi,
    i attatched an image where you can see my scenario.
    Can pfSense authenticate PPPoE WAN with LAN so that another pfSense behind it gets the public IP from the ISP?
    Both PPPoE pfsenses should not do any NAT or paket filtering. They just have to connect the PPPoE DSL Lines to the third pfSense box…

    I want to use this for loadbalancing but pfSense cant do 2 PPPoE logins with loadbalancing.

    Thanks for your tips!

    best regards, Carsten

  • I don't know the answer to your question, but pfsense 2.0 can do pppoe on more than 1 interface, in case you're interested.

  • i'm running a similar setup as urs. just that the WAN connection still remains on pfsense 1/2 .. whereas pfsense 3 is doing all the Load Balancing work .. it would be nice to do dual PPPoE load balancing.. one downside to this setup is that u'll need to have port forwarding rules on both pfsense 1/2 in case if you want external users to get in your internal network..

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