Reselling pfSense

  • Hi Folks,

    Are we allowed to resell a stock (i.e. unmodified) version of pfSense to our custuomers, even if we don't have a reseller subscription?

    Of course, once we can afford a reseller subscription, we would be more than happy to contribute :)

    Also, is there a general "donation" area?


  • Reselling pfSense has been discussed several times in the forum.  If you search, you should be able to find the various posts.  The bottom line is yes, you can sell unmodified versions of pfSense per the BSD license.  I can't comment on the donation part, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea.  The only other option is to subscribe to support at the non-reseller level for the time being.

  • Yes. you can resell pfSense as is but we suggest purchasing a reseller subscription which helps the project.

  • Hi sullrich,

    The reseller subscription is something that I'd like to do in the future, however at the minute, a single subscription costs more than the total amount of money we are making on the project.

    I have just bought the book from amazon though :)

    As for reselling pfsense "as is", what constitutes a change? Is something like adding RADIUS support for OpenVPN a change? What about adding packages such as squid and squidguard?
    And if it was classed as a change, is it just as simple as removing the pfsense logo? (I'd hate to do this though, as I do have a love for the project)


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