PXE Boot thin client for Majicjack from Ubuntu Desktop?

  • Maybe this would make no sense at all. I have a Ubuntu desktop running 24/7 for mythtv. I want to try replacing my home phone with an HP thinclient running windows XPe and a majicjack. I decided on that because it would be too difficult to try to get it working on my desktop.
    I bought the 800mhz 256/256 HP thinclient, many people are using this with magicjack but apparently its a tight squeeze on the 256mb flash drive. It supports PXE booting and HP provides all the things you need to download.
    Would there be any benefit to doing this? Would it free up some space for the magicjack software?
    I know these are probably naive questions but it seems like an interesting challenge.

    (*I realize this has nothing to do with pfSense, I do have a pfSense router though!)

  • if you're pxebooting then you have to be pulling your OS from somewhere. So let's say you set up your thin client as a thin client and pxeboot it. Where is all them bytes you just moved off your hard drive?

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