Pfsense w Public to Public routes

  • I have been using pfsense in my colo for quite sometime and its been working great! i currently put packet shaping on each individual unit (esxi3.5) and put the appropriate IP's etc.

    I would like to take the PFSense and put it as one unit in front of all the others and use it more like a router and turn on packet shaping for the different IP's.

    I have 128 IP's usable. I spoke with my datacenter and they said they didnt need to partition any of the ip's off, to simply put a router in and have the firewalls use it as a gateway.

    I looked at vyatta as an option but not being a hardcore router/vlan/switch tech i would love to stick with the gui and keep it simple if possible.

    So my pfsense would look like : (internet) -> (pfsense) -> (firewalls) -> Internal networks (different clients/subnets)

    I ordered the book but am too eager to wait 5 days for it to get here.

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