Kernel Panic on IBM xSeries 335

  • Hi, I have huge problem with the latest build od pfSenese-2.0-Beta-1 from 26. or 27. of February.
    Previously when I changed versions from 8.0 to 8.1 everything was ok.

    Here is a screen of Kernel Panic:

  • to help the devs you should do a backtrace, this is done by typing "bt" (only bt, nothing more) - enter - and send the result.
    When the bt is ready, by typing reset you can reboot the machine.

  • Could U explain how to apply backtrace, couse I have kernel panic in each one type of start system (ex: safe mode etc)
    Im not enough strong in FreeBSD that is the reason why Im asking about it :)

  • you see the prompt like this:

    <db>here you tick in bt:

    <db>bt    –----> (don't forget to press enter!)
    then you see lots of messages appearing.

    Maybe you see:

    -More-  --> here press enter til the next <db>appears.

    Now copy all text or shoot a pic to send it in. Oh, when the first "More" appears, shoot the photo, because when you press enter, the whole thing scrolls one line up. When the next <db>appears shoot the next photo. Thats it.

    Finally do this:

    <db>reset        ------> press enter and your machine reboots like magic.

    Hope i could help you!</db></db></db></db></db>

  • Thanks very much for yours how to but in my situations is one big problem - I dont have C2T Cable so I'm using standard USB Keyboard and After that panic I can't use my keyboard :(

  • Banned

    Ebay is your friend….X335 without C2T cable, is like a woman without boobs..............

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