Connection drops

  • I don't know if the subject is accurate with 'connection drops' since the states aren't the issue. Basically my ethernet cards would stop working, the green lights would turn off for 5-7 seconds and then turn back on again.  My computers would then have to resolve the local ip again.  It happens pretty frequently across all four cards so I'm guessing its not hardware failure.  I have enough wattage to support the hardware.  I currently have the packages blacklist dns and snort installed. I'm using pfsense for 3 months. The hardware is a Pentium 4 and 2 gb of memory.

    I have noticed someone using decoy udp port scans on my computer for over a week. any ideas what's causing the problem?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What are these cards plugged into? All into the same switch or different devices? Anything show up in the system logs when it happens?

    If all of the cards are going out at the same time, my first suspects would be the PSU in the box, the switch, the motherboard, or if they're all the same make/model of card, perhaps a driver bug.

    It would just take some good old-fashioned troubleshooting and component swapping to narrow it down.

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