How to create gateway on VPN

  • I have a dual WAN firewall with openVPN setup used for a remote office at our events that has been running on 1.2.2 for a couple of years.

    I am looking at using 2.0 for this but have hit an issue with the gateways and routes.

    On 1.2.2 I could create a route to an internal subnet (ie that went via the gateway address on the network that the openVPN exposed to the firewall ( The new routes page only allows gateways that have been entered to be used. When trying to enter a gateway, ie, I can not enter it as it complains that it is not reachable via the network interface selected ie LAN, which is quite correct, but it does not give me the openVPN interface as an option.

    Any ideas how I can get these routes back or am I stuck with using 1.2.2 for a while longer.

  • The best way on all versions is to not enter them as static routes, add them as custom options "route;route" etc. in the OpenVPN config.

    That said, you can assign the tun interface to an OPT and then select the proper interface for the routes.

  • Cheers for that. Should have remembered the VPN options and I really must catch up with the pfSense developments. It works so well I forget its there and I don't keep up with changes.

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