Problem with 2 IP's and Nat 1:1

  • Hi,

    We recently change acquire 2 IP's  and had difficulties to configure pfsense to use the second IP.

    My PFSense had 3 cards, 1 wan, 1 lan and 1 optional….  Our ISP give us a Cisco 800  Router and a modem...

    The basic configuration working fine... the problem came when i try to use the second IP address...  The goal is to make the IP's directly connect to 1 machine connected to the OPT. (NAT 1:1) so we can create a permanent VPN with one of our customer..

    I configure the router that way:
    On NAT 1:1
            WAN  support

    Virtual IP's
    [Proxy ARP]

            OPT  permit to go everywhere

          WAN  *  *  *  *  *  NO

    The problem is i cannot ping the outside world from the machine  The DNS works, cause i had an adresse when i ping google,
    but always receive a connection timeout…

    Any help please?

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