10Gbit performance

  • I searched around,  didn't come up with anything, sorry if this has been covered before.

    I was considering using pfSense to connect to 2 external partner networks,  each will be a 10Gbit circuit.  I recall hearing or reading something awhile ago about freeBSD having issues operating at 10Gbit.  Is this still the case?  Is there any performance reviews you are aware of using pfS with 10Gbit NICs?

    the intent is to put 3 10Gbit NICs in 2 higher end HP boxes(DL380 2xQuad Xeon X5450@3.00GHz) i have here.  one box for each partner,  2 redundant links on our side (active/passive) connecting to two C6509e's.    90% of the traffic would be bulk transfers of large files and a few interactive sessions.


  • You might try to get in touch with Thayner and see how the install is going…

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