Traffic shaper and queue issue

  • i tried to do the below in all possible ways but traffic from certain LAN ips just dont endup in the proper queue.

    the list of things that i did is:

    1. certain lan ip put under a single alias, eg: etc, pic given below
    2. want i wanted to do is to let all traffic from the alias group to goto the p2p queue which was properly created for LAN as wella s WAN and regarding the rules i tried placing the rules under floating rules but wouldnt work so i placed the inbound and outbound rules under WAN and LAN respectively, pic given below
    3. after doing so, the qp2p on lan seems to be working good and traffic coming to it meaning all inbound traffic goes to the p2p queue but the problem is outbound still doesnt go to the gp2p on WAN and ull see other queues being populated. pic given below

  • The rule on WAN should go to Floating rules with direction 'out' then it will work.
    The rationale is that the wan rule will never match the traffic you want to match because a state is created when the packets go outside.

  • what i wanted to confirm is

    1. rules under LAN, r they for downlaod or upload as u can see the rule on my LAN is lan ip to * which is WAN so isnt that suppsoed to be the upload?

    and also when u have rules in LAN  meaning the direction is out by default or in?
    so how would u match packets, *(WAN) to LAN ip because the source and destination would change based on the direction of the traffic

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