OpenVPN Gateway with LDAP ?

  • Hello,

    First at all, thanks to this community for this new version of PfSense, i am making test to deploy it for a VPN Gateway.

    This week, I created an OpenVPN Gateway with SSL/TLS + Auth and my client could connect successfully.

    But I think that it's not possible to use LDAP Authentification with this server mode ?

    In fact, when I select my LDAP authentification server, I get this message :

    The following input errors were detected: 
    Only 'Local authentication database' is allowed with Remote Access ( SSL/TLS + User Auth ) 

    Are you planning to deploy this functionality on this platform ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • are you planning to store certificates on LDAP??

  • You have to use Remote Access (User Auth) with LDAP, per-user certs are not managed for LDAP users and for the moment (and probably for 2.0 release) they can't be used in combination with LDAP.

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