[SOLVED] Interface which utilize TWO IP addresses

  • Hello everybody!

    I have two subnetworks from my ISP:


    I am trying to build a router/firewall which have configuration like that:

    WAN -
    LAN - with ability to utilize addresses

    I am not willing to use real IP addresses from subnet for every computer in the network, but only for some of them.

    In another words, I would like to make it possible to configure one computer with IP and GW IP address). BUT I would like to make it possible to optionally set on the same computer IP and GW (of course not at the same time)

    Please let me know if there is such possibility in pfSense
    Many thanks for reading this topic!

  • I think, I have described my question not as clear as I should
    What I wanted, was to allow multiple subnets on one interface

    Luckily i have found an answer here:

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