• I am building a custom pfsense image.
    I want to clone the pfsense git repository using the following command,
    #git clone http://gitweb.pfsense.org/pfsense/mainline.git pfSenseGITREPO/pfSenseGITREPO

    but there is an error: unable to get pack file
                                cannot obtain the needed object
    Someone told me to change the http protocol to git since http has got some issues for larger files.
    And i chaged the command to the following:
    #git clone git://gitweb.pfsense.org/pfsense/mainline.git pfSenseGITREPO/pfSenseGITREPO

    but still there is error:
          fatal:unable to connect a socket (Operation timed out)

    please help me fix this.