Multi-lan interface failover

  • I've dug around on the forums and on my pfsense install but I can't seem to find what I'm trying to do. Instead of having dual-wan interfaces, I wanted to setup dual-lan interfaces for either a fail-over scenario or a SMLT (trunking/bonding) configuration. Currently switch1 and switch2 each feed links from my esx installs and allow for in the event of a switch failure or reboot zero downtime. My pfsense install however is a physical box with four interfaces which I'm trying to setup to fail-over in the event one of the switches not available the internet is still available on the other switch.

    –(out of band management)--
              |                                        |
    wan---lan-------------------------switch1--------fiber core
              |                                                            |

  • You can manually configure lagg to accomplish that. Nothing in the GUI til 2.0.

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