Gigabit LAN with an Alix board?

  • I am currently using a linksys router at home and would like to upgrade to a more advanced router. I currently have a  Gigabit switch and a 802.11 N WAP, and I was wondering if I can use the Alix and still get gigabit transfers from PC to PC? I noticed the Alix has 10/100 nic's but I wasn't sure if that was only used for the WAN side?

    Ideally I wanted to setup like this: WAN>pfSense>Gigabit Switch>PC's  So I guess I wasn't sure exactly how that would work out? I can't seem to find an answer on google.

  • The lan interface on the Alix doesn't matter, transfers are handled through the switch.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As rugby stated, the local transfers should stay on your switch and thus not matter.

    That said, the ALIX is only capable of about 80-85Mbit/s of throughput, so if you were trying to go between interfaces on the ALIX you can't even fill up 100Mbit, let alone 1000Mbit.

  • Yup, I agree with jimp 100%. I did some testing with an ALIX 2d3 and I think I got about 86Mbps tops

  • Perfect! thanks guys!

    I was hoping I wouldn't have to buy a atom / core2duo and waste more power.

    I can't wait to get started…...Thanks again!  :)

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