Post Installation Boot Issue

  • I am trying to install pFsense 1.2.3 on a older 1U server as a backup to our primary system which may be suffering a sporadic hardware issue.  The live cd boots fine and allows me to complete a quick/easy install however upon reboot I am stuck with:

    Boot: F1

    I have read others posts along these lines and have tried most if not everything I have come across.  The motherboard in the system is a Tyan Tomcat (i815T) - I have disabled ACPI in the bios and attempted a re-install with no success.  I see some posts suggesting booting the livecd with ACPI disabled the only ACPI option I see when I boot is to boot with ACPI enabled.  This leads me to believe the default option has ACPI disabled.

    Can anyone offer me suggestions / advice?  I hope to get a backup pfsense box up and running so that I may further troubleshoot the problematic production system.


  • Are you installing the Embedded version?

  • No, I am installing to hard disk.  The software runs fine from the liveCD and does install without error - its upon the reboot after install to hard disk that it seems to not find the drive.

  • Are you attempting to boot it in the same machine that you used to install from CD, or did you change any hardware after running the install?

  • This is a new install…I have tried tweaking some bios settings and am taking another stab at it (disabled acpi / and lba)

  • You can still install the Embedded version to the hard disk…

  • This is not the embedded version.

  • So I think I got it working - either one of the following changes (or both) got things up and running on my system.

    1. Disabled LBA for the hard drive.
    2. Unselected packet blocks during setup.


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