Openbgpd status page

  • Hi all,

    I'm using the openbgpd package on pfSense 1.2.3 RELEASE and everything's working fine except one thing : the status page

    This page tries to display the routing table, but considering that the full bgp routing table is more than 300K objects, the page takes forever to load (using it on a Sun V20Z, 1 Opteron 244, 4Go RAM)

    Is there a way to only display other useful infos but the routing table ?


  • i agree the bgp package needs some updating to be more user friendly

    i dont click on the status tab at all maybe better off learning bgpctl commands and run 'em manually

  • Yeah that status page needs a lot of help, takes way too long in such circumstances (mostly people use the command line bgpctl instead).

    It's on our radar to get fixed up sometime in the future. Patches welcome if you have ideas on how to make it more usable.

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