[Pfsense 2.0 Beta 1] Enable Static ARP entries problem

  • Hi friends,

    I have trouble with "Enable Static ARP entries" option, in DHCP server I have 4 LAN behind Pfsense and I want use this option to protect network from inside. But when i'm enable this option, example i input ip with mac address for 10 computers in LAN 1 and Enable Static ARP entries now everything are working well, next I start input ip with mac address for LAN 2 and when check to Save button now all computer in LAN 1 can not communicate to Pfsense so i must disable "Enable Static ARP entries" option and now LAN 1 working again and i can check to Enable Static ARP entries again and click to Save button with no problem. I thing this method only accept for out of working time because when you want to add more pc to network first step i must disable option Enable Static ARP entries for all network after that i can add new pc to network and then Enable Static ARP entries option again. This method is very inconvenience and i don't know what happen to this option and how we can make it working properly?


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