Dual WAN - 1x Internet - 1x Private LAN over Layer2 Switch

  • I am setting up our equipment in a NOC behind a PFSense firewall to protect our equipment from the obvious.  The configuration I am required to make in order to negotiate traffic over the Layer2 Switch is beyond my capacity as a network tech.  I've opened a ticket with BSDPerimeter for this but they seem backlogged with support requests so I wanted to try the forums in the hopes that someone here has enough experience that they can help me with the configuration.

    Here is a graphical illustration of how I have this setup:

    Chris Buechler assisted me via phone consultation to get the dual WAN setup and negotiating traffic properly with the Private LAN.  The network engineers at the NOC can see the traffic hitting their equipment properly when I ping from the firewall.  The VMWare ESXi box I illustrated inside of the setup is there to host multiple Asterisk PBX's.  The NOC we are at does PSTN termination for us through another Asterisk box on their private LAN.  The network I created behind the PFSense firewall is on a different range than the ones running there.  The network engineers at the NOC are unable to properly see the traffic originating from computers on my subnet because their Layer2 switch that we are plugged into (the Private LAN) cannot do routing.  They need me to be on the same subnet in order to have things route properly.

    I discussed the project with one of our internal engineers who suggested that static routing might work to solve the problem.  I'd like to know if anyone here could help me try to get this to work properly.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Chris got back to me today and helped me setup manual NAT (Reverse NAT) to convince the OPT1 network that machines on my network were the IP the OPT1 (Private LAN) interface.  This allows me to communicate with all the computers on the Private LAN properly.

    Thanks Chris!

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