HAProxy feature request (listen stats :8080)

  • Hi,

    Would it be possible to add listen stats : [8080  ]  on the HAProxy listner setup (gui) ?

    today, the stats page works on the same port as the other clients.
    this works fine if you have a browser connected to the stats page WITHOUT having a connection to the actual application.
    As soon as you connect to the application, the stats page won't work anymore.

    This can be prevented by listening to another port.
    Also, this makes it possible to add a rule for only certain ip's to see the stats page.

    example: ==> works, stats are shown  ==> application works ok ==>  stats are not shown, instead, the request goes to the application server and is no longer intercepted

    tnx a lot,
    have fun!

    pfsense is great!

  • i found a work around:

    this can be done by
    add extra virtual ip,
    add extra  HAProxy listener
    add extra server pool (can be to non existing server, but at least one server)

    then use tis extra virtual ip for the stats, all listners are shown on the same stats page.

    but it's a waste of a extra public ip

    have fun!

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