Syslog to remote server over IPSec

  • Hello,

    Here is my network Layout

    Home PFSense( –-IPSec --- Colo M0n0wall(Public IPs x.x.x.x/26 LAN Block)

    The LAN at the colo uses public IP's behind a m0n0wall that does firewall for the colo rack.

    I'm trying to get my pfSense to send syslog to a server which is in the colo rack. However, since the server in the colo rack has a public IP on it, the pfsense router is sending the syslog packets over the public internet instead of thru the VPN tunnel. Is there a way for me to get the pfSense syslog to go over ipsec to the colo server? IPSec doesn't really show up in the kernel routing table and isn't really an interface on the kernel either as far as I can tell.

    Please advise,


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