Preference on a particular link on muti wan

  • Hi, I have 2 internet connection from 2 different ISPs. WAN1 on fiber and WAN2 on VSAT. How to setup a failover in such a way that preference should be given to WAN1. In other words, WAN2 works only when WAN1 is down. When WAN1 comes up WAN2 remains on standby.

  • Set the LB group behavior to "Failover" rather than "Load Balancing".

  • I did that but, the link remains permanently on the WAN 2 until it goes down. meanwhile WAN 1 is my preferred link. I want WAN 2 to work only when WAN 1 goes down. When WAN 1 comes up WAN 2 should give the preference to WAN 1 to take over even if WAN 2 is up. I hope you are getting me

  • Did you configure your failover pool correctly?
    The pool goes top to down through the available links.

  • Yes i did that.

  • How do you test?
    Just to be sure you understood how failover functions.
    When you open a connection it checks if the prefered link is up.
    If not the next link will be used.
    The connection stays on this link until it is closed or times out
    Even if the primary link comes back up.

  • I understand now, is there a way to configure failover for the primary link to be restored when it comes back?

  • You dont understand.
    New connections will always go to the WAN which is topmost and up.
    If the primary wan goes down and comes back up, new connections will
    go to the primary wan but old connections created while it was down will stay on WAN2.
    There is no way to reassign already established connections.

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