• I know this question has been asked but never really answered!?!?
    I've installed pfsense and have an account with dyndns. now everything works fine, but when my ip address changes for some reason dyndns does update with my new address ?!? ive  input all the correct settings in "services–>DYNDNS " but to no avail?

    i am a noob when it comes to this , am i missing something?
    all help greatly appreciated!

  • What does the system log tell you?
    The dyndns client will write it's output there and tell you if there was an error updating your address.

  • I don't remember it every being asked here.

    What version of pfSense are you using?  Is pfSense your external (WAN connected) device, or do you have a modem or router between it and your ISP?

    What, as GruensFroeschli says, does the log show?

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