Monitoring multiple WAN links and usage.

  • I've just set up our office pFsense box to load balance between out main connection and our ADSL backup.

    This all appears to be working - but…

    • All the graphs etc. only show one connection at a time.
    • There doesn't appear to be any connection state log.

    What I'd like to see is quality and traffic graphs which have both connections shown at the same time, so I can see how much traffic is going over each link.

    Am I missing something obvious?


  • Did you take a look at the RRD graphs?
    You can look at graphs for each WAN separately.

  • What I'd like is to see them on the same graph - providing an easy overview of the state of the connections and system.

    Otherwise I'm never actually going to monitor either connection…

  • You can get these information per SNMP.
    Although you need another software or write something to interprete the information you retrieve.

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