Manual Outgoing NAT problem

  • Hi all,

    I've problem with manual outgoing NAT. I've defined two outgoing NAT rules (see attachmed screenshot). We have two pfSense boxes - one for clients VLANs with manual outgoing NAT (let's say "PF1") and the second for servers VLANs with 1:1 NAT rules (let's say "PF2").

    When I try to connect to the service (e.g. website) published on "PF2" using 1:1 NAT via "PF1" (as internal client), it doesn't work and in packet cature on PF2 I can see the internal IP (from PF1 internal subnet) as Source:

    13:02:35.420557 IP > 93.99.xx.xx.80: tcp 0
    13:02:36.022538 IP > 93.99.xx.xx.80: tcp 0

    However, any other outgoing communication seem to be ok - e.g. on I can see correct external IP that match the corresponding  outgoing NAT rule…

    I really have no idea where to start debugging this issue...

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