1Mb/24Mb home network traffic shaping hardware suggestion needed.

  • Hi guys,

    My first post and I need to start with apologies.
    I'm really on a hurry to choose hardware for my network cause I share it with some people and traffic control is just horrible for the moment. The company I'm with is imposing a monthly limit of 500Gb on me for total traffic which is continuously broken each month. If it continues this way they will cut me off. I'm needing to solve this problem ASAP!

    So the solution I am looking for is all in one box one. My pfsense system supose to be mainly for traffic shaping and traffic control. However with time I would like to use it's full potential to optimize my network. I'm really a beginner so I don't even know where to start. I red some quidances on the website how to choose the best hardware but I think my choice will be much more accurate if I hear some suggestions from experienced users.

    My main consideration is a compatibility and configuration of the hardware. I don't want to overshoot but prefer this than suffering some efficiency problems by choosing too week configuration. Price is a least of a concern.

    The perfect would be embedded system with hard drive for full installation. Powerfull enough to support any service I may consider for my bandwith (1Mb upload/24Mb download) but economical enough to limit moving parts to the HD alone. As quiet as possible since it's gonna be placed in the bedroom.

    I'm sharing the network wirelessly only using DIR-655 dlink router. The internet provider is Smarttelecom (Ireland). It's a landline modem connection.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • There is a selection and sizing page easily found on the front page of the pfSense site ;)

    Take a look through the posts here to see what others have already posted, you've a long list of options and you'll be mainly constrained by what you can get, and afford.

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