Alix: no able to install nano 1.2.3 on cf…..

  • Hi,
    i flashed 1.2.3-nano on a 4gb cf-card. Setup procedure for ALIX (set to 9600, CHS mode) also made.
    After mem-check of the system, the cf is identified and a menu with to option appears 1) BSD …. 2)BSD ..... (identical entries).
    Option 1 is pre-selected.

    I can't select an option or start the selected option. Only a # is reflected if i stroke - what ever key - on my keyboard. The # appears in simultanious sequence and looks like a boot-procedure. After 30 minutes of waiting for anything else. I stopped and rebooted again.
    Same result after reboot.

    I have now installed the 1.2.2 and this works. But i can't update this version to 1.2.3. (Meanwhile i understood, that at least 1.2.3 nano versions are able to upgrade..... )

    Can anybody help me to find a solution for the issue to install 1.2.3 on the alix.

  • found the solution after read a couple of threads….

    Bad for me. i don't have an other feebsd system to modify the image......
    sounds like i have to move to ipfire........

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You are on ALIX, as you said. That page is for a WRAP.

    You likely just need a BIOS update, which is also on the doc wiki, complete with a CF image that has the BIOS update on it.

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