[SOLVED] Slow speeds on Comcast

  • Hi,

    I just got a Comcast business line with static IPs this week. During the week I've tested the line and down/up speeds on a cheapo Linksys firewall. Today I cut my production network, using a pfSense Alix 2D3, over from my old DSL line to use the Comcast line. While testing using the Linksys firewall and my laptop directly connected to the Comcast SMC D3G gateway/router, I've been getting speeds in excess of my 22/3 Mbps service. Now, with the pfSense plugged in, I consistently get 2.4/0.45 Mbps.

    I've tried to reboot my pfSense firewall multiple times and the Comcast SMC router, but it hasn't made a difference. I've also plugged my computer in directly to the Comcast router again to check if anything had changed, but when doing so, I still get the fast speeds I'm supposed to get. So, I've concluded the issue must be with my pfSense box. I know the pfSense can easily handle more than the 2.4/0.45 Mbps I'm getting.

    Any suggestions or ideas of what might cause these slow speeds would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Is it a vanilla 1.2.3 install or do you have traffic shaper enable?
    Some of the points in this doc can also be helpfull

  • Sorry about that … yes, it's 1.2.3-RELEASE ... and yes I do have traffic shaper turned on.

  • Perry,

    Thanks for the hints. It was the traffic shaper causing the issues. I disabled it and immediately I got much more reasonable speeds.  :)

    I guess I need to re-run the shaper wizard to get it to work properly.

    Thanks again for the super-quick response.

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