Please slove my problem

  • hi. its now 1 week. i cant not open my yahoo web site on my network(20 workstation). but from messenger i can check my yahoo mail. But if i type i cant access the web site.

    I have IE, Mozilla, Google Chrome. None of them cant open yahoo web site.

    also if i try to login hotmail e-mail. it takes long time. I dont know whats the problem. Please help me.

    All other web site i can access. without any problem.

    Right now i am using Pfsense 1.2.3. with squid as a transparent proxy.

    please help me. i will wait for the respond…..Thank you. take care and ba bye

  • hi.

    disable squid and reboot. See if this fixes anything.

    Does your ISP require a differnt MTU other than 1500?

    Thank you. take care and ba bye

  • Thank you sir your kindly respond.

    I think the problem is with my static ip. I mean its seems my ip is black list from yahoo and hotmail. Because when i use VPN Software I can access both web site without problem.  Also without VPN i can ping yahoo and hotmail without any problem but only i cant access website through HTTP. Other all web site are very fine.

    I am trying to change my ip then i will see what happen with same setup. I will submit the result here. so that other member if they have same problem they can solve it.

    thank you. take care and ba bye

  • hello. again. Sorry for my late respond. Yes when I have changed my Static Ip. I can easily access my yahoo web site and also msn messenger without any problem. But still i cant access hotmail. I mean when i type i can access the web site but when i type my e-mail address and password i cant login. it takes long time and sometimes at all i cant access.

    Can you tell me what i have to do for solving this problem. I will wait for any kind respond. Thank you. Take care and ba bye all….

  • Contact your ISP.

  • Must be a hard life for spammers, always getting their IP banned….

  • @tommyboy180:

    Must be a hard life for spammers, always getting their IP banned….

    Why you said  that or judged me without knowing the truth. Is It Good?

    This is internet cafe. Many people use many things. I hope now i clear it. Any ways take care and ba bye

  • If this is really the case (that they banned you), I don't see what alternative there is but to get a new IP and make sure it isn't also banned.

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