Hotel Internet Sharing

  • I am looking at setting internet sharing for a local customer of mine. In their hotel they want to have wireless access available everywhere but require a login or code of some sort.  They are still debating if they will be charging customers hourly or just include it free. We're currently using a pfsense as our firewall behind a cisco. Im not really sure where to start with this but i figured there might be Is there anyway this can be done with the pfsense? maybe captive portal? Idealy we would like a clientless so i was thinking of somehow maybe setting up a proxy on the pfsense side. As you can probably tell im pretty lost with this where to start with this… any suggestions or input would be GREATLY appreciated.


  • I've been looking at using captive portal to do a similar sort of thing for some friends. Two approaches I've been looking at: Captive portal in pfSense 2.0 BETA and CoovaAP which goes with the openwrt firmware which can be used with the Linksys WRT54GL wireless router and similar. (see and

    There is an informative article on captive portal at

  • Depending on your location there might be other things to consider as well (I can't tell from your profile).
    If you're offering internet access publicly in Germany, you must log traffic and store it for 6 months together with the username. Offering it for free is not an option then.

    Apart from this, wireless internet throughout a hotel complex might be challenging as well.

    Client security might be another concern. May users see each other's computers or do you have to block this? At least you have to talk to your client about this!

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