Some settings are not saved in the backup

  • Hi,
    first i want to congratulate the pfSense team with the 1.0 release. I have used pfSense in a redundant CARP cluster for several months both at home and at work, even before pfSense reached beta status, and i have never had any major problems. I have tested a lot of different firewalls, and i have to say that I am truly impressed by pfSense.

    I have however noticed that some settings are not being saved when I take a backup:

    • Firewall -> Virtual IPs -> CARP Settings
    • IPsec -> Failover IPSEC

    If this is not a known fault, i am happy to add it to cvstrack.

    Thank you,

  • Cannot reproduce this one, all settings are exported when I download the configuration on 1.0.

  • Hi, got it sorted out.

    I was not aware that CARP settings is only saved if the "Do not backup package information." is unchecked. I thought this checkbox was for the packages I have added only.
    Anyway, it's working and that's good.


  • Ahh yes, this is confusing.  CARP at one point was a package and at some point in the future we will start turning base features into packages as well.  This is the reason we did not move the setting back to the base area.  A number of base features will be "packages" in the future.

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