Squid + Squidguard, incredibly slow and seemingly, doesn't function

  • Pfsense 1.2.2, after installing squid and then squidguard and setting them up properly, I noticed that traffic from inside the firewall to the outside is crazy slow. Not only that, but squidguard doesn't seem to block websites that have been marked as blacklisted (facebook and porn sites especially).

    Any Ideas?

    Also, I'm wondering if its possible for me to say allow one specific computer (by IP address of course) access to certain blocked websites (youtube in particular)?

    I'm not sure what else I should post to help diagnose what's wrong.


  • Why are people still running 1.2.2?  1.2.3-Release has been out for a long time.

  • That was what I had at the time. An upgrade is planned for once things are stable. Unless you mean to say that things would work automagically if we upgrade tp 1.2.3?  Between us, I was hoping to upgrade straight to 2.0 but that will be ready when its ready :)

  • Search the forum.

  • I did.

    If I had found an answer I wouldn't have posted.

  • hm, i have opposite problem

    with 1.2.2 everything worked perfect

    i get new machine and install 1.2.3.
    with squid vr. 2.7.8_1
    and squidguard vr. 1.3-2

    and everything seems to work perfect, except one day i notice that squid is not blocking sites that are blacklisted…
    under status: services all services are running :)
    strange isnt it?

    and then i just have to click apply and save under service: proxy filter and then block sites again, like everything is fine....

    im trying to fix this for days now, and nothing, only one thing i didnt try is to wipe everything, format hdd and reinstall complete machine, but i have to say im not sore will this help, because im using pfs with this kind of configuration for years now, and i never had any problems.
    any ideas ?

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