Shaping traffic by MAC address.

  • Just playing in pfsense and tried doing traffic shaping.  It said give VoIP priority which sounded good as one of my phones plugs in with ethernet and is an IP phone.  It gets it's IP using DHCP though.  In the traffic shaping it said enter it's IP, or make an alias.  Problem is it will always have a different IP, I can't make it use a set one as I move the phone around, and that's set by my company so can't be changed.  Can I set traffic shaping rules by mac?

  • Just do it with a static dhcp lease on your dhcp server and you are set. If it is just some phones this wouldn't be a lot of work.

  • That makes sense.  I'm completely new at this though, I use a Linksys router right now, but wanted pfSense for it's more advanced features.  I was under the impression that pfSense becomes my router and would assign DHCP?  Or is that what you meant, assign a static DHCP in the DHCP server portion of pfSense?  As I checked my Airport Extreme, and Linksys Router, both said they can't do static DHCP.

  • Almost every dhcpd can do static leases. If you want to use pfsense for that you will be fine…

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