Site to Site Satelite VPNs

  • Hello everybody, I am new in the forum.
    I will appreciate to know if Pfsense can handle VPNs site to site by satellite WAN connexion (Idirect modem)
    The connection has a latency like  650ms ,  850ms

    Thank you very much for your responses

    Best regards

  • Maybe some of you i nthe forum try a vpn in an satelite internet conexión?

    Best regards

  • I have never tried it but I do know that there is a setting in the Advanced page to set connections for high latency networks such as satellite. I don't know how that affects VPN though.

  • Thanks for your response.
    I will wait for more comentaries before make my first test.

    BEst regards

  • Works fine. I would use OpenVPN rather than IPsec, it handles flaky network connections a bit better.

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