Using PFSense to load balance 2 servers on internal network, no WAN, need help

  • Hi, I have been searching for load balancing help w/ PFSense for awhile now, and even bought the book from Amazon, but I am either missing something really obvious or just can't seem to get it to work, but I would like to setup PFSense as a VMware VM to do load balancing of 2 servers on my internal network for a web application that won't work with Windows NLB.

    I assume that I would need to place the "WAN" interface on 1 internal subnet ( and the "LAN" interface on a second internal subnet ( and then create a VIP in the WAN IP space ( that references 2 server IPs on the LAN IP space ( and but I can't seem to get that configuration to work.

    Is my assumption way off base, and this isn't possible w/ PFSense, or am I just missing a critical step in the configuration process?  Thanks in advance!

  • Not sure I understand why you need pfSense to do this.  Sounds like you just need a server running haproxy on your LAN with a VIP.  Why do you need pfSense?  Do you really need to route from one network (LAN) to another (WAN)?

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