Internet Access Problems: After Saving/Applying Setting Changes

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm a new user of PFSense and so far I love the software and control it provides me, however I'm having one small problem that I cannot seem to figure out.

    Every time I "save/apply" a new setting in PFSense, I loose "Internet Access (Web Browsing Capabilities)".  It seems to only be with resolving DNS Addresses into hostnames though, as I can still "ping by IP" and incoming traffic through NAT seems to continue to work.  I also believe my IPSec VPN tunnels stay alive as well, but haven't really checked that for sure.

    I haven't really configured too much yet, other than about 5 IPSec Tunnel and about 15 NAT mappings, along with their respective Firewall rules that are required.

    I'm currently running my own internal DNS Server (BIND running on CentOS 5.4) which is configured to use my ISP's DNS Servers as forwarders.

    In order to regain Web Browsing Access, I have to reboot my PFSense Server every time I save/apply a new setting.

    I'm new to the BSD world, so I'm not too sure where I should be looking for the problem.  I browsed through the GUI logs, but didn't really see anything that stood out to me.

    Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • One more note, I have a static ip address with my ISP.  Not sure if this matters, but just providing as much detail as possible.

  • Can you probe external dns servers in your pfsense box and do save aply to discard problems with  your internal dns server?

    when you do save aply you loose web navegation like but you lose too navegation like

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